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Death Doula Services

Awakening through Loss.

Service Description

Processing the death of a loved one, or even our own eventual death is the most difficult experience we have as human beings. The sense of loss can be emotionally crippling, and for some become a deep wound which leads to life of suffering. For many processing this deep sense of loss can lead to many questions, most not answerable by logical or rational reasoning. Death, and what is next is the biggest mystery we face as humans, especially for those who have not awakened to their eternal being. What I provide is individual and group counseling for those who have lost a loved one or coming to terms with their own end of life experience. I guide those through the deepest, saddest questions that may arise, and the answers always arise out of the spiritual heart. There is no death, only a continuation of life. The essence of who and what we all are is beyond form, beyond just a body. This experience as painful as it is, has an intention of awakening one through loss and into an eternal experience of one's true nature, LOVE.

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