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Healing in the Space Between the Thoughts

Healing, wholeness will not be found by using mind, by identifying with mind within duality. The very nature of suffering is because of identity with thought which keeps one separate from artful attentive conscious beung. In Maha Yoga, Atma Vichara, or self inquiry, one begins to use the attentiveness of what arises as mind. Here in the awareness, one sees the shadows, trauma, fear, anxiety and pain because these are all within mind or patterns of thought. The point of which one becomes tired of suffering is because of the continuous patterns that the suffering exits in. As long as there is identification with mind, the suffering will continue. When one begins to abide in being, which is free from all identity of mind/body, as presence envelopes as experience , does healing occur because you exist as the non dual self conscious being. Where there is no longer the distraction of maya.

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