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Passionate About Raising Consciousness

Dean Johnson has spent over 20 years studying the mystical traditions of the East, mystical Christianity, non-dualism, to shamanism. Dean was initiated into mystical Christianity, in the Hesychast tradition in his early 20’s.


His spiritual teacher was a monk, and Doctor of Psychology. Through years of studying and guidance, Dean began to develop deeper understanding of the mind, and spiritual practice. “The thinking mind, the ego, is the cause of all suffering. Through the spiritual practice I was guided into, I realized what was causing my horrible suffering and was able to eventually transcend it."

The essence of the practice Dean teaches, and guides is where one develops a deeper awareness of the mind. He refers to this as a meditation or contemplative prayer practice. “This is truly a process of healing, as one transcends the very cause of their suffering, which is why I refer to it as spiritual." This awareness practice is not new, as it’s been handed down of several thousand years in Zen Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and Hesychast Christianity. You don’t have to be religious or believe in a god for this practice to be beneficial, as suffering is suffering.


As a teacher and counselor Dean offers individual and group sessions for those looking to understand a deeper spiritual reality, but also find lasting healing and happiness.

"Discovering the Self is when one realizes their true essential nature, which is beyond how one sees themselves as being, where they come from, or what they look like. It's a transformative process that transcends all suffering and bring eternal happiness which is one's true nature. It is the recognition of the soul, it is grace."

Dean Johnson

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