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Pointing you to a sacred space of self-realization and healing.

About The Teacher

Dean Johnson is a spiritual teacher and counselor who brings over 20 years of study in eastern philosophical and spiritual traditions. Dean was initiated into Mystical Christianity in the Hesychast tradition and lived as a monk for a period of time in his 20’s. His teacher of over 20 years was a monk and Doctor of Psychology and a true Shaman.

“In the practice of awareness of the mind, one realizes the falsity of the thinking mind, the ego, and that it’s the cause of all suffering." Bringing an understanding to why one is suffering is essential to one’s healing.

Dean offers individual sessions for those trying to overcome trauma, anxiety, depression, and seeking spiritually. He also teaches a form of meditation for individuals and groups. 

“Discovering the Self is about realizing the essence of who you really are, your true nature, which is eternal happiness."

How I Can Help You

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


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