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About The Teacher

 Dean is mystic whose initial realization of a deeper awareness began to be experienced in his early 20's. "There was definitely a pathless path beginning to invite me into an inner inquiry". Dean was initiated into an ancient Maha Yoga practice. He spent years living in stillness as a monastic, spending each day in continuous Sadhana. Constantly repeating gurus' mantra and prayer, intensely focused on deepening the space between the thought and the intention of the breath. "Back then my only focus was discovering the kingdom of heaven within or liberation, but once I realized that I was trying to do something things shifted even deeper". Dean realized that as long as there is a doer of meditation that discovering the self wasn't possible. "As long as there is a doer, there can't be complete freedom, and gently relax into being". 

 Dean says that God or the Self is constantly inviting all beings back home, but that most people are never aware of it because they're too distracted by objectified experience.

 Dean mentors from the inward facing path and direct experience of non-dual traditions, and Yoga of Atma Vichara (Self Abidance). "All the ancient authentic spiritual traditions are pointing all beings to the same place". Says Dean. He also provides services as a Death Doula. Dean finds that as one integrates these teachings into a sadhana that the experience of losing someone gets transformed into gaining a relationship that is infinite in nature. "One connects to the love perhaps felt deeply in the body. That formless, boundaryless love. This feeling or essence is simply one recognizing their true self or being, but consequently one awakens to the truth of their loved one or anyone who dies". 

 Dean sees death as very sacred, beautiful truth of life in the body. The teachings he offers points one directly to the experience of one's infinite shared being. 



How I Can Help You

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